Teacher winner of Golden Apple Award

Congratulations to our 2022 Sabrina Page Golden Apple Award winner - Mrs. Kari Keys, 7th Grade Math teacher!

Sabrina Page taught in the Germantown Hills School District from  1991 to 2011.  Tragically, Sabrina passed from brain cancer on September 28, 2011. While never taking herself too seriously, she exemplified what an excellent educator should aspire to be. She was loved and respected by her colleagues and students alike. The Sabrina Page Golden Apple Award is a way for us to remember Sabrina’s legacy while recognizing the tremendous qualities of our current teaching staff. 

The qualities that Sabrina valued shine through in the winner for the 2021-2022 school year, Kari Keys.  Kari was the most nominated teacher this year and has been nominated multiple times over the years.  Common themes in her nominations include that she is always willing to put in extra time with her students to not only help them succeed in her class but in all of the student's classes.  Multiple nominations describe Mrs. Keys as always being upbeat and positive and she really takes the time to build relationships with all the students. The students love her as a teacher because she is so personally invested in their success and cares about what is going on in their lives. She takes the time to celebrate both the small and large successes of all students in the classroom. Kari spends her entire day making school a safe and positive part of her students' days. Kari goes above and beyond for her students each and every day. She frequently has students in her classroom before school, during lunch, and after school. Many times, you find a student in her room there to just talk.  They share with her personal stories about struggles or heartache.  She offers a caring, listening ear, and also gives them encouragement, support, advice, and "real talk" about the decisions they are making and how those decisions could affect them. These statements about Kari and all her qualities are echoed in nomination after nomination, the personal stories shared in her nominations could take up many more pages. 

Awesome job, Kari!  Keep up the good work!