Courtyard Garden

The Middle School Courtyard Garden is a labor of  love that was begun in 2006 after more than a year of planning.  The garden is full of educational opportunities for our classes.  The various plants in our garden were selected for their bird & butterfly attracting potential.  Students, parents, and teachers have all contributed to the planning, planting, and maintenance of our garden so that all who visit our school may enjoy it.  While you're in the building, please stop by and enjoy our beautiful Courtyard Garden.

Courtyard Brick Campaign

Learning Garden Dedication


Learning doesn’t just take place in the classrooms at Germantown Hills School District #69. Thanks to countless hours of planning, time, and effort by many dedicated volunteers, we are pleased to showcase the latest addition to our school: The Courtyard Garden, a beautiful, serene atmosphere that provides unique outdoor educational opportunities for our students and a place to recognize former students, faculty and staff.


The Courtyard Garden
What began as a drab, overgrown courtyard has been transformed into an amazingly beautiful landscape. Two local, avid gardeners spearheaded the project, focusing on creating a colorful, functional space that students can use for hands-on learning. They put their minds and bodies to work, recruiting friends and family, to help make their vision a reality. Lots of sweat and loads of compost later, seven different garden areas—plus a pond (complete with cascading waterfall and koi fish) and gazebo—completed the project.  

Outdoor Education
The Courtyard Garden is an ideal outdoor classroom setting. In addition to hands-on gardening, students have opportunities to learn the history behind select plants, discover how ecosystems and life cycles work, and more. The Courtyard Garden has been specifically designed to integrate outdoor learning with classroom curriculm. It is a constantly evolving project that will provide enjoyment for students for years to come. 

Be a part of The Courtyard Garden!
Many people have helped Germantown Hills School District #69 maintain a first-rate learning environment. Maybe you have a favorite teacher whom you’d like to remember. Or perhaps you have fond memories of your child’s educational experiences and you’re looking for a unique way to commemorate the past several years.  

A portion of the Courtyard Garden is dedicated to preserving the names—and memories—of influential persons through a series of plaques lining the gazebo, sitting benches, and engraved pavers topping raised beds. This area honors individuals and families who have helped make our school district a success, including: 

• Current students & their families            • Alumni
• Faculty & Staff of District #69                • Local businesses 

Purchasing a brick engraved with names of important individuals is a creative, affordable way to immortalize memories while contributing to the Germantown Hills Educational Foundation. If you would like to honor someone who has made a difference in our school district, please contact the Superintendent’s office at 309.383.2121 or visit our website at today. Give a local hero a unique gift—a permanent place in our Courtyard Garden!

For more information about our Courtyard Garden, or to volunteer to help with maintenance, please contact Linda Simpson, (699-0280).